Tarporley footpath fiasco

The Council’s contractor arrived on the Wimpey estate off Holm lane last week to re-surface the footpath that runs behind Tarporley Close from Overton Way to Tabley Close.

When they left, residents looked at their work in disbelief. The surface is uneven; weeds and moss had not been removed, simply tarred over; and overgrowing grass sods had been dumped on the adjoining field.

Now, a few days later. the weeds are pushing through, damaging the surface. Following an angry message from Lib Dem councillor Stuart Kelly, council officers have inspected the work.

They emailed Stuart:

“I have just viewed some photographs of the works and can fully understand the concerns raised. As always the Council gets the blame and I see nothing wrong with that, I just hope residents accept we need to work with others who if they let us down does give rise to issues which are beyond our control, however we do and will ensure such issues are rectified as quickly as possible.”

The council have emailed the contractor. Here are extracts from the message to the contractor:

“Although I appreciate that these works are incomplete, some of these pictures clearly show the lack of prep work that has been carried out prior to the first application. If the team couldn’t prep the site in time, why were the works carried out so soon? We weren’t given any opportunity to inspect the prep work and obviously it has not been carried out as agreed.”

Allan Brame said, “This work is absolutely unacceptable. The FOCUS Team is insisting that the job must be done properly. Certainly there is no way that our council tax should used to pay for such shoddy work.”