90 Bus Service to be withdrawn

Avon Buses have announced their intention to end the 90 bus service from April 22nd.

This is a commercial service and to withdraw it, Avon only needed to give six weeks’ notice to Merseytravel.

The impact will vary in different parts of Oxton.

The Holmlands Estate

There is some good news for the pensioners living on the Holmlands. Avon are re-routing the 91 service, running an hourly daytime service Monday to Saturday.

The bus will enter Oulton Close at 9:33, go anti-clockwise round Holmlands Drive, and exit past Prestbury Avenue at 9:36.

Then it will go along Prenton Hall Road, along to the Halfway House, back down Woodchurch Road past Sainsbury’s to the Swan. It will ten head up Holm Lane, along Talbot and Bidston Road, down Ashburton Road to Claughton Village, along Park Road West then Palm Grove (serving Palm Court), down Balls Road and Oxton Road to the Bus Station.

One big change is that the bus will only go round the Holmlands in one direction (as the old 154 used to).

Oxton Village

The news for Oxton Village is more uncertain. The new 91 will not pass through the village or Bessborough Road. Merseytravel is looking to run some sort of tendered service, but the details have still to be agreed.

Allan Brame is organising a petition to demonstrate the demand for a village bus. “There are a number of pensioners living in the village who depend on a bus service to access the shops, keep hospital appointments or just keep active by visiting friends,” Allan said. “It is vital that they are not left isolated.”

Sign Allan Brame’s Petition

A sneak preview of the new 91 timetable – coming into force on April 22nd

If you would like to sign the petition for the retention of a village bus, you can use this link: https://tinyurl.com/VillageBusPetition