A resident letter that sums it up perfectly


Today I received a written letter from a local resident that hits the nail so squarely on the head, that I felt I should share it with you.


Dear Councillor Carubia

2017/18 Budget Savings Proposals for Car Parking Charges

I am writing to protest at the proposed introduction of parking charges at Wirral Country Parks and on High Streets across the area. I honestly cannot believe that these are being put forward seriously and consider that whoever is responsible should consider their position.

Country Parks

Very few people will want to spend an entire day at our parks but many like to drop in for an hour or so to take exercise, to enjoy being in nature, to walk their dog etc. All of these should be promoted as ways in which people can improve their health. To seek to impose a £4 per day parking charge beggars belief. This charge will either stop people using the facilities or they will park in adjoining roads. If I visit one of the parks for an hour or so twice a week I will have to find over £200 per annum. This is a serious disincentive.

High Street Parking

 At a time when local retailers are suffering at the hands of out of town stores, it is quite extraordinary to suggest that their businesses should be put under any more pressure.  I am faced with shopping decisions every day. Should I drive to my local shops, hope to park and then walk up and down with shopping bags or should I go to a supermarket, park (free),  get all I want in one place and wheel it to my car.  I am passionate that communities need a strong local retail presence but I can only support them if I shop by car and that requires good parking facilities which are also free. It is not just the cost, it is the hassle of parking, then finding a pay point, estimating my length of stay, having the right change and returning to my car with ticket. No longer would I just pop out to the shops. I notice that the Park and Ride Car Parks are also being targeted. That will send more cars into side streets resulting in commuter’s cars being parked on the pavements.

These proposals are quite simply:

  • A tax on people who want to improve and maintain their health by exercising in the countryside
  • A tax on people who wish to support the retailers in their community
  • A tax on people who wish to travel to work by train.

Their introduction will do considerable harm and I suspect, achieve very little. In fact the closure of shops and loss of business rates together with the cost of policing the charges will in all probability result in a net loss of revenue.

I find it quite bizarre that any Local Authority (in particular one under Labour control) and any Local Councillors would even consider imposing charges which will adversely impact on their constituents health, impact upon the ability of those who can least afford it to enjoy important leisure facilities and put in jeopardy the businesses and the jobs of business owners and their staff. 

I urge you stop these proposals being adopted.



Below is the Parking pay and display order for Eastham Country Park


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