A truly liberal society

Policies evolve, but it’s the fundamental values of a political party that really count. Liberalism is about enabling everyone to get on in life – without the state forever looking over your shoulder and irrespective of the circumstances of your birth. Liberals strive to give people two things: the freedom to be who you are, as well as the opportunity to be who you can be.

Everything Liberal Democrats do in government should be seen through this prism. From blocking the “snoopers’ charter”, which would have given the authorities access to every website you visit; to handing back unprecedented powers to our towns and cities; to cutting taxes so you hold onto more of the money you earn. It’s all about empowering people to achieve their potential.

Because life chances are shaped from such an early age, we have secured massive additional investment in the early years, when it can make the greatest difference. In a truly liberal society every child has the chance to flourish, whatever their background. So we are spending billions to help the poorest pupils in our schools; we’re delivering new, free childcare for toddlers in the homes who need it most; and we are introducing free school meals for children of infant school age, to help give all young children the best start in life.”