Acre Lane Housing Development: Where’s the money?

Today, Vicky Downie has written to the leader of Wirral Labour Council demanding answers about the Acre Lane Housing Development.
Dear Councillor Davies,
On Thursday 19th July your Labour councillors backed and voted for the Acre Lane Housing Estate planning application.
They did this despite huge concerns from the local residents in both Bromborough and Eastham. There will now be six years of construction on their doorsteps. Six years of noise, dirt and huge change.
As the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bromborough in the council by-election on Thursday 23rd August, it is my intention to work together with residents to ensure they get the best deal.
To that end:
  1. Will the Section 106 funding, which is paid to the council by the developer, be invested in the affected areas of Bromborough and Eastham? If so, what are the specific plans being drawn up by the Council? If not, where will the money be spent?
  2. Why did you and your Labour colleagues not insist on a Community Infrastructure Levy as part of the development deal? This funding could have been used to lessen the pressure on roads, schools and parks. Was the CIL ever discussed with the developer?
  3. Where and how will the money from the sale of the land be spent? Again, myself and fellow Liberal Democrats expect much of this to be directed into the immediate area.
There is a real risk that by building new housing developments without investing in existing residential areas you will effectively create two communities: the new, and the old.
I would hope that you agree with me that fostering integration between new and existing residents would be much more preferable.
Holding back on any available money and allowing residents to bear the brunt of six-years of construction will only foster resentment towards the council, the developers and the new residents of the estate.
I look forward to your response.
Yours sincerely,
Vicky Downie
Liberal Democrat candidate for Bromborough
Making a difference, together.
This was promoted and published by Chris Teggin, on behalf of Vicky Downie (Liberal Democrat), all of 15 Valley Road, Bromborough, CH62 7DS