Birkenhead: Allan Brame


I was born in Birkenhead, went to school here, and spent 25 years teaching English at Rock Ferry High and then Park High, before becoming head of English at a Liverpool school.

I want to be a champion for our town.

Our sitting MP claims that Birkenhead has become “the Beirut of the north”. The town may have its problems, but few residents would recognise this exaggerated description. Birkenhead needs to encourage employers to create jobs in the town. Running the town down in the national media is no way to attract potential investors.

I have been involved in teaching all my life, and I know that education is the key to opening up opportunities for young people. But too many never fulfil their potential simply because they come from disadvantaged backgrounds. That is precisely why the Liberal Democrats in government have insisted on providing extra funding to support these children, through the pupil premium.

I am so proud that my Party has stood up for families who have been left behind for too long.