Bin collection failure

Patience is running out as bins remain uncollected a week after we had a couple of days of snow and ice.
The priority has rightly been to catch up on missed green bins, which contain food waste. But a week on, it seems they are still catching up on green bins in Moreton.
Oxton councillor Allan Brame has tried to get some clarity about when the backlog will be cleared. Grey bins in the CH43 area have been standing on pavements for over a week now.
The Council replied:

Our main priority is green bins which is still ongoing but progressing well and likely to be completed by Friday/Saturday.
This said after speaking to Biffa yesterday it was agreed to utilise crews on overtime to collect grey bins prior to Sundays scheduled catch up operation.
We are attempting to collect all bins to enable collections to resume as normal next week. However, there may be some which will require collecting Sunday or mopping up on Monday.
Our main objective in the catch up operation is to give residents an empty bin for next weeks collections.
I would hope that the grey bins in Oxton will be collected prior to the 12 February.”

Meanwhile, with today’s strong winds, some bins have been blown over, scattering contents all over the place.
Councillor Stuart Kelly said, “I shall ask whether they can follow up with a street clean given the problem is caused by their own failure to properly plan and advise residents what the plan (or lack of planning) is following the few days of icy conditions.
I can’t understand why they couldn’t collect from gritted routes that weren’t icy.”