Bizarre plan to close Westbourne Road

Plans have been announced for the closure of Westbourne Road.

The Council’s Birkenhead Constituency Committee is prioritising plans to close the bottom of this road, just above the junction with Henthorne Street.

Plans will see the erection of a kerbed island with four bollards to stop traffic in what are described as “environmental improvements”. There will be small openings to allow cyclists to pass through.

Allan Brame commented, “There are many locations on Wirral which would benefit from traffic calming, but it is hard to see Westbourne Road as a top priority.

“It may make Westbourne Road more peaceful, but some residents will be forced to find alternative routes to and from home, and traffic will be displaced onto neighbouring roads.

“It might possibly reduce the number of vehicles continuing up Reedville and ignoring the No Entry section onto Slatey Road, but it is not obvious what other benefits these plans might bring.”

An Alfred Road resident contacted the Oxton FOCUS Team to say: “Firstly WHY?

  • junction of Alfred & Westbourne already a black spot – we do not need more traffic racing across
  • junction of Alfred & Grange Mount very narrow & usually with many parked cars
  • Grange Mount very narrow, not conducive to more/larger traffic
  • triangle at Grange Mount & Grange Rd West likely to become congested
  • Oxton Road already busy with Lidl traffic – without Westbourne, can only get worse
  • Westbourne will be a magnet for rubbish & anti-social behaviour as it will become virtually a ghetto.”