Blow to car park re-cycling

Yet another obstacle has been put in the way of Wirral residents who are keen to re-cycle.

The special banks for collecting food and drink Tetra Pak cartons in Heswall, West Kirby, Bromborough and Greasby have been withdrawn. These cartons cannot go in the household grey bins.

Oxton councillor Stuart Kelly asked the Council for an explanation and it turns out that this is a decision made by ACE UK, the firm that supplies and empties the recycling bins.

They say this is due to frequent issues with contamination, as residents frequently put the wrong materials into the banks – often paper. 

A council officer explained: “The emptying process for the carton banks is quite specialised – they essentially use a big vacuum to suck up the cartons into the collection vehicle – and even small levels of contamination leads to the vacuum hose getting blocked.  West Kirby was actually one of the sites where a different bank was introduced to try to prevent contamination (or at least make it easier for the Council to empty the bin if it was contaminated), but this unfortunately did not improve the situation.”

The banks are not owned or managed by the Council, and the final decision to remove them was up to ACE UK.

Stuart Kelly said, “There are far too many items which are not easily recycled on Wirral. There are still carton banks available at the Council’s three Household Waste Recycling Centres, in Bidston, Clatterbridge and West Kirby, but realistically who is going to drive to one of these and queue for half an hour to throw a juice carton into a skip?”



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