Bromborough By-Election: Missing – Labour Candidate?

The Bromborough By-Election is just weeks away. Serious questions need to be asked about whether the Labour party is taking Bromborough voters for granted.

Posts from their candidate’s Facebook account suggest that in the middle of a key election campaign she has chosen to spend the last five days in Northern Ireland rather than meeting the residents of Bromborough.

Where is Jo Bird?
Jo Bird’s Facebook account suggests she is currently not campaigning

Liberal Democrat candidate Vicky Downie is busy talking to residents and setting out her three main priorities.

  1. Holding the Labour Party to account over the Acre Lane Housing Development;
  2. Defending our rights to use our parks and public spaces in the face of the Labour Council’s Public Spaces Protection Orders.
  3. Ending the Labour Party’s uncaring practice of fining residents for parking on grass verges, despite no parking spaces being available.


Vicky Downie, the Liberal Democrat candidate said:

“I’ve got to say this is an unusual tactic from Labour, sending their candidate to Northern Ireland just as the campaign gets underway. There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation for it, but it could look as though the Labour Party is taking the election and the people in Bromborough for granted. Not a great vote winner if you ask me.

I’ll be speaking to and meeting with residents throughout the build up to the election, talking about how we can make a difference to our neighbourhood together.”

The Bromborough by-election is on Thursday 23rd August.

Read more about Vicky and here priorities.



This was promoted and published by Chris Teggin, on behalf of Vicky Downie (Liberal Democrat), all of 15 Valley Road, Bromborough, CH62 7DS