Bromborough By-Election: Vicky Downie the Lib Dem candidate

Bromborough By-Election
Making a difference, together

Vicky Downie chosen by Wirral Liberal Democrats to stand in the upcoming Bromborough by-election: “Let’s make a difference, together.”

Bromborough resident, Vicky Downie, announced that she would be standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate in the Bromborough by-election on Thursday 23rdAugust following the resignation of Labour Councillor Warren Ward.

Announcing her campaign, Vicky said her three priorities as a councillor would be:

  • Holding to account Jo Bird’s Labour party on the Acre Lane Housing Development;
  • Defending our rights to enjoy public parks in the face of the Labour Council’s proposed Public Spaces Protection Order;
  • Ending the Labour Party’s uncaring practice of fining residents for parking on grass verges, despite no parking spaces being available.

In the May 2018 local elections Vicky more than doubled the Liberal Democrat’s share of the vote in the Bromborough ward, compared to the 2016 local elections.

Announcing her candidacy she said:

“I’m proud to have been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Bromborough. If you elect me as councillor, together, we can make a difference.

Jo Bird’s Labour party are uncaring and incompetent. They have waved through the Acre Lane Housing Development despite local massive opposition. They want to take away our right to enjoy our public parks, and they are fining working-class residents for parking their cars on grass verges – even though there isn’t anywhere else to park.

I have lived in Bromborough as your neighbour for the past eight years. I chose to move here but you have made this my home. Now, I’m asking that you make me your local champion and vote for me on Thursday 23rdAugust, so we can make a difference, together.”

Join your community and play a part in Vicky’s election campaign.

This was promoted and published by Chris Teggin, on behalf of Vicky Downie (Liberal Democrat), all of 15 Valley Road, Bromborough, CH62 7DS