CCG Questions Event in Eastham

The meeting last night at St Davids Church on the 30th, arranged by the Eastham Councillors, to give residents the opportunity to question the CCG was well attended and some excellent points and questions were raised.

I am however, still at an utter loss to understand how this is can possibly be called a consultation when the only option on the table is option 1,(a single walk in centre at Arrowpark,) or option 1 with a few extra hours added, and the questionnaire is so designed to favour?……. you guessed it, option 1

It is pertinent to say at this point that not all walk in centres offer the same services  such as x rays etc but the figures from the graph on page 20 of the UEC (Urgency and Emergency Care) review supplementary data and tables paper, shows that the highest referral to A & E 2016 to 2017 is from the Arrowepark walk in centre at just over 3000 closely followed by VCH  at around 2500 where my ward of Eastham referred under six hundred.

How will Arrowpark manage when it is the only walk in centre left open and how high will their  referral rates go when they are inundated  with patients from the four closed centres

Transport is a huge issue as is parking  at Arrowepark, how will it cope with the extra traffic and patient throughput….ahh but it states that most who present will now go to their GP.

As many are aware GP practices are private businesses who are apparently going to be offering 8am to 8pm 7days a week I asked the CCG representative who gave a presentation  at the Wirral south constituency meeting stating that GPs would ‘opt in’ how many had,  and the answer was a handful so far. I asked if the funding was available for the extra costs to GPs the answer was an emphatic no.

There will be more GP appointments available, but it is more than likely they will not be at your own GP’s. One resident from Bromborough stated that the appointment made for them was in the North End of Birkenhead and was totally unacceptable. I question where these GP’s are going to come from as the intake for GP training is in decline and it takes over seven years to train one. There is the question of ‘continuity of care’ for patients with long term illnesses, and vulnerable patients who have a personal relationship with their own GP who may not be comfortable speaking with a complete stranger every time in a strange environment.

Having read through the UEC and the supplementary data papers, it is shocking to find the answers to the questions of how the data stacks up with regards to patient needs and how they are presenting to various places such as GP surgeries, Walk in centers A&E,  Chemists etc which is fundamental to the design of any new system as we simply do not know these figures.

Urgent and Emergency Care Review
‘The case for change’ Summary January 2018 Page 4



So with regard to the total lack of relevant information that is derived from the none existent data regarding current patient needs and the way they present in Wirral, I believe this consultation to change is built on a foundation of shifting sand of ifs, buts and maybe’s and a blind hope that it will all come right in the end.

And apparently it has absolutely nothing to do with cost saving or finance !!!!