Cllr Kelly’s Press Release on Planning White Paper

Chair of Wirral Planning committee Cllr Stuart Kelly has hit out at new Government plans for estimating the number of houses we have to build and the future of the planning service in the UK.

Cllr Stuart Kelly commented, “There are three key problems with the Government ideas. First, they will increase the housing requirement for Wirral, Second, they will remove resident’s rights to oppose applications. Third, they make it harder to secure affordable housing from developers.

The new mandatory ‘housing need’ formulae the Tories are proposing will add a further 100 houses per year. This is on top of the already bloated house building target for Wirral. That’s putting further pressure for green belt to be released to accommodate these numbers.”

Analysis by consultants Lichfields shows the new housing formulae requires 898 houses per year against the current figure of 779*”

The Government is consulting on its proposals.  Cllr Stuart Kelly has written to the Leader of Wirral Council asking him to ensure the council opposes these proposals during the consultation.

“In the current circumstances there are no formal meeting to discuss these damaging ideas from the Government, I am calling on the council leadership to robustly respond to this consultation and to encourage community groups to let the Government know how damaging these reforms will be.

To aadd insult to injury the planning reforms also want to prevent communities from opposing planning applications, they want to take the right to be heard away from people who want to object to planning applications in their community.

Finally, in a backwards step, theywant to remove the requirement for affordable housing to be included in developments under 50 houses. I fear this change will make it harder to young people to get on the housing ladder.”