Concern over proposed site for NHS eye clinic

Residents concerns over new uses proposed for the former Emmaus Bible school in Carlett Boulevard have been backed by Eastham Councillor Chris Carubia.

Earlier this year, during the lockdown, proposals for a rapid access NHS outpatient assessment and treatment clinic for wet macula degeneration were lodged with the Council.  ( application – APP/21/00210 )

At the time Chris questioned the low number being notified about it.  After informing and discussing with residents, many have objected to the scheme  — raising concerns about existing parking problems in the area due to the dentist’s on the New Chester Road.

The plans were lodged in late January  but a new drawing was lodged at the end of March showing twelve parking spaces marked out within the site. 

A document also lodged at that time provides this information… 

The clinic will run only on an infrequent weekday 9 to 5pm. No activity at weekends. Initially it  will run as low level activity for less than 1 day a month. The number of staff will be around 5 to 6 part time clinical /nursing/ reception staff.  The clinic will create no noise and limited private refuse collection. All appointments will be scheduled / pre-booked and staggered every 30 minutes.Patient’s carers will bring patients by car or bus since by the very nature of their conditions they will be unable to drive themselves. There will be 1 consultation room. Likely to be 2 to 3 patients per clinic .

The application suggests that rooms in the building will also be rented to other businesses…..

we intend to sublease the office space for a level of security and financial help towards the rent.  The opening hours for the offices will be weekdays 9 to 5pm

Chris has raised concern about parking associated with these extra uses, but also askes about the scale of the proposed services that might grow.

Eye Care Medical’s website refers to its work in Macclesfield and Northwich. It is therefore reasonable to ask how it will grow and might develop here.

Chris has backed the local residents by objected to the intense use of the site and asking for the application be taken out of delegation.