Council backs Lib Dem idea for a solar energy farm

At Monday’s Council meeting, councillors gave unanimous support for a proposal to investigate the building of  a solar energy farm.


The proposal came from Liberal Democrat councillor for Oxton, Allan Brame, who said that the insatiable appetite for energy was endangering the future of the planet.


He proposed that the Council should follow the example of other authorities, such as Warrington, Cardiff and Telford & Wrekin and build a solar energy farm, either on Wirral, if a suitable site could be identified, or elsewhere in the country, as Warrington has done.


Speaking in the debate, Councillor Brame said, “”We have seen in recent weeks that schoolchildren are more alive to the dangers of climate change than most people of our generation, children inspired by Greta Thunberg and her school strikes. In fairness, teenagers have more at stake in this matter than we do.


“It is a matter of deep regret that the current government has shown far more interest in promoting fracking than in supporting the development of renewable energy, backtracking on many of the initiatives introduced in the Coalition years.”


Other Councils have shown that solar farms can not only produce very significant amounts of green energy; they can also generate a high return on the investment.


The proposal received backing from all parties and the Cabinet will now undertake investigations into the viability of such a scheme; the investment costs and potential returns; and to identify potential locations.