Councillor training session

This particular gathering was for anyone who was interested in learning more about what a councillor does with the view to become a councillor.

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It was busier than expected, with around 15 people in attendance. Allan welcomed everyone and introduced us to our speakers for the evening, Cllr Chris Carubia and Cllr Stuart Kelly.

Chris was first up. He gave us an insight to what we can achieve within the local communities, by holding surgeries, taking on case work and talking to people to get the best outcome for people who need the help. It was a spirited talk with many interesting points and words of wisdom from Chris. It was an informal meeting, so any questions were asked during the talk. The questions brought many other points to the table and crossed over onto Stuart’s topic, so on that point Chris smoothly handed over to Stuart for the final part of the evening.

Stuart spoke to us about the inner workings of the council itself. He explained in great detail about the committees, the structure of the council, voting, scrutiny meetings and many other things. I will admit, this is not my strong point as I’m not the most politically minded. I kept up with the topics, but I will admit, some of it I will need to read up on. Stuart kept us all entertained with stories of things that had happened over the years. Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
I have come out of the meeting even more eager to apply to be a councillor. To make changes, we need to be at the pointy end of the change. The only way we can help is by getting involved. I have slept on all the thoughts going through my head and I have thought about what kind of councillor I aim to be. I will have my work cut our as I will still have a ‘day job’, but I still want to make a difference. I may not have lived in Bromborough all my life, but I love living here and feel more at home here than I have ever felt anywhere else. I don’t plan on living anywhere else, so I want to do what I can to become involved in the community and do what I can to help. Being a councillor will enable me to help the community at the pointy end of the decisions, and I will make sure I do the best for our community.

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