Cut COVID red-tape demands Davey

THE Government is being urged to cut red tape so that retired doctors and nurses can swiftly become vaccine volunteers.

There are currently 21 hurdles to be cleared before ex-medical experts are allowed to administer the life-saving jabs.

The process includes criminal record checks, data security awareness, fire safety training and even equality and diversity courses.

Critics called the red tape “insulting to senior clinicians”.

Retired doctors who have volunteered to return say applications are being ignored or tied up in bureaucracy.

Last night Lib Dem leader Ed Davey wrote to Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Ed Davey said: “As you know, we are in the middle of one of the worst health crises this country has ever seen and our hospitals and urgent care centres are already overwhelmed.

“Yet, retired medical staff are being prevented from returning to the frontline due to a mountain of unnecessary red tape.

“I urge you to slash this bureaucratic burden so more doctors and nurses can help with the vaccine roll out and to fight the Covid pandemic more generally.”