Got a big, bold, radical idea that’ll tackle the problems facing Britain today?

Then the Ashdown Prize is for you! Your idea might just win you £500 and become party policy!

In Britain today, we all know the scale of the problems approaching us – and it seems that no-one has the courage to argue for the radical solutions needed.

Runaway climate change; an aging population; healthcare and housing both in crisis; the passing of the liberal international order; the commercialisation of our private data; the risks and rewards of automation and AI; one tax system for multinationals and the rich, another for everyone else.

We could go on.

We need take firm action or we will bow to these pressures, leaving young people and the vulnerable unable to lead the lives they deserve.

We must find radical new solutions to protect the power of the citizen – over their own lives, over the decisions that affect them, over the world around them.

This is the Liberalism of tomorrow – the Liberalism Britain so badly needs.

The Ashdown Prize for Radical Thought or as Paddy calls it, the “Paddy’s Power to the People Prize” will be awarded to the boldest new policy idea that best empowers the citizen in the Britain of today and tomorrow.

If you win the prize, you’ll get to:

  • Meet with Paddy Ashdown in the House of Lords to discuss how to take your idea forward.
  • Receive a £500 award donated by Your Liberal Britain.
  • Receive support from the team at Your Liberal Britain to turn your idea into a policy motion for debate at Lib Dem Autumn Conference 2018.
  • Join forces with Paddy Ashdown at Conference to speak in favour of your idea, if it is selected for debate (which is out of our hands).

To take part, you just need to fill out this form: Enter here

For your entry, you’ll need to write:

  • six-word summary of the problem you’re trying to solve.
  • A solution to your problem that is bold, it must be new to the Lib Dems, and it must empower the citizen.
  • six-word summary of your solution
  • A clear idea how your idea empowers people
  • A clear idea how you’d convince someone your idea is a good one

And of course, you’ll need a big, bold, radical idea – that will empower citizens and tackle one of the big issues facing Britain today. Got an idea, don’t wait, submit it here: Enter here