Fire Station Proposals – What do YOU think?

The Labour run Fire & Rescue Authority confirmed at a meeting at the beginning of December that it will seek to close two Fire Stations in West Wirral and replace them with a new Fire Station in Greasby.

Upton and West Kirby Fire Stations are set to close and be replaced by the new Fire Station, but so far the Fire Authority has not said where in Greasby the new station would be.  A site has to be identified and planning permission sought.  The location is one of many things we want to find out on your behalf. This would also mean the loss of 24 full-time firefighters.  It appears that the existing two fire engines would be kept at the new Fire Station, but only one of the two would be ready for immediate use 24 hours a day.  The other fire engine would be crewed by ‘retained’ firefighters who would not be on-site, but could be recalled within 30 minutes.  The Authority expects that it will take till 2017 to complete the changes.

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