Hydrodec – Location is Key

In the recent media outputs by Hydrodec they have labored the point that the proposed location at Eastham is vital to the project.

We considered various potential sites in the UK for the new re-refinery and selected the Eastham site for a number of reasons. In particular, the site is located in an established petrochemicals region and is zoned for employment use, provides good transport links by river and by road, whilst the availability of adjacent storage facilities means that the size of the new plant can be kept to a minimum.

If the size of the proposed new plant is to be kept to a minimum, why have they entered in another agreement With the Peel Group for a further seven acres. This is to accommodate  the expansion for phase two of a three phase operation.

It is also interesting that the Eastham site was never considered when they agreed with their then partners Essar Oil  to build it on the  Stanlow site.

Essar partners with Hydrodec to expand the Stanlow oil refinery

ESSAR Energy has signed a joint venture with Hydrodec to expand the Stanlow complex in Cheshire, the UK’s second largest oil refinery.

Under the agreement which was announced yesterday, India-focused oil giant Essar will use technology developed by Aim-listed industrial oil refining company Hydrodec to turn Stanlow into “the leading European oil re-refining centre”.

Re-refining oil is a way of recycling low-grade fuels so that they can be used again.

The companies plan to create two re-refining operations with a potential combined capacity of up to around 130m litres per year, creating potential revenues of around $150m (£93.8m) per year.

Ian Smale, chief executive of Hydrodec, said the agreement “has the potential to make the UK the oil re-refining hub of Europe”.

Volker Schultz, Essar Oil UK’s chief executive, said: “We look forward to jointly developing this innovative project, which will combine Hydrodec’s proprietary technology with Stanlow’s considerable operational and project execution expertise”



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