Is Wirral ready for a no-deal Brexit?

A report by Sky News[1] has highlighted concerns in many local authorities about the impact of a “no-deal Brexit” on their ability to provide a range of local services.

But Wirral council was quoted as saying: “Given the lack of detail from government about any proposed deal or arrangements, it is difficult to carry out an assessment that is not purely speculative at this time.”

Liberal Democrat councillor, Allan Brame, has accused the leadership of the Council of complacency. “It is clear that many local authorities have undertaken this threat seriously and begun contingency planning.

The last thing most sensible people want is for the United Kingdom to crash out of the EU next March with no deal, but the government’s ham-fisted negotiating strategy means the unthinkable is becoming more likely as every day passes.

We should be assessing the likely impact of lorries queuing at the Ro Ro terminal at our docks; the increased demands on our Port Health Authority staff inspecting imports; the capacity of care homes to provide services when EU nationals return home.

Letter to Chief Executive Eric Robinson

I have written this letter to the Chief Executive:

“Could you tell me whether the Government has issued any advice to the Council at this stage, or given guidance on the steps it expects the Council to take?

I appreciate the hesitation in embarking on planning for an eventuality that may not arise, but this scenario is, regrettably, beginning to appear less implausible.

Would it not be prudent to start at least some broad-brush planning, identifying those areas of the Council’s responsibility which would be most impacted by no deal and ensuring we have the capacity to respond?”




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