Kingdom litter police contract on hold

The prospect that Kingdom might be employed for another three years to deal with environmental offences has led to Wirral’s Liberal Democrat and Green Councillors calling in the decision.

The Call-in will be heard at 4 pm on Tuesday 17th July in Wallasey Town Hall.

Earlier this year Lib Dem councillors unearthed the fact that 93.7% of Fixed Penalty Notices imposed by Kingdom last year were for people dropping cigarette ends.

In addition, the great majority of FPNs were issued in Birkenhead.

There has been increasing concern about the way Kingdom operates, with growing evidence that they pick easy targets, rather than tackling more serious offences such as fly tipping or failing to clear up dog mess.

Leader of the Lib Dem group, Councillor Phil Gilchrist said, “We all want a cleaner Wirral. There are people carelessly and needlessly tossing litter around.

We want the company to work within clear and acceptable guidelines. They have, in recent years, been busy in a few locations, waiting for thoughtless people to drop cigarette ends. The litter problem is more widespread.

It will take time to turn our throwaway society around.

The way the present contractor has worked has to be questioned.  The public’s interest is a cleaner borough.

Is the chosen contractor really fit for this purpose?  Are their staff working to the highest standards?

If they cannot guarantee that are we stuck with them? We’ve heard recently of one Council, nearby, taking enforcement back in house.

If Wirral is to  proceed with Kingdom they  need the right people, working under good supervision, to get this right. We need to be satisfied that they’re up to it.”