Let there be light

Oxton’s Lib Dem councillors, Stuart Kelly, Allan Brame and Andy Corkhill have been pressing for lighting to be restored along the ‘white path’ that runs down the middle of the Holmlands estate.

For some bizarre historical reason, the old lighting columns are located behind the fence – in residents’ back gardens.

The Council planned to remove the existing columns and replace them with new ones along the footpath – but work was overtaken by the Coronavirus lockdown.

Stuart, Allan and Andy have been asking for action, before the winter nights draw in and this is the latest, encouraging response they have received:

Please be assured that this has not been forgotten about.  However, with a tremendous amount of other high priority and safety-related lighting work required around the borough it has unfortunately suffered some slight delays.

Nevertheless, I’m pleased to be able to report that the bulk of the equipment is now in stock and meetings were held on site last week to discuss requirements. We are just waiting on programming confirmation for the trenching work, which is significant.

We have instructed the section with no current lighting to be addressed first, followed by the other section that is currently still operational. I’m expecting work will commence on site within the next few weeks and we will aim to complete within 2-3 weeks from commencement.