Letter to The Globe from Phil Gilchrist

It’s a little over forty years since Wirral’s Council was created, along with the Merseyside County Council.
The fast moving plans aimed at creating an elected Mayor for all of Merseyside are nothing less than another major re-organisation. The pressure is on to submit ideas by the start of September. Wirral is also under pressure to attract business to bring in more business rates, to encourage more homes to be built, and to raise income to support services.
All these steps need local debate and consultation, involving people in the changes in their communities. Some local Conservatives have been pressing for a cut in the numbers of Wirral councillors, by a third. To me it seems unwise to rush into changes that give more powers to people at the top without thinking through the need for the checks and balances in the future.

Phil Gilchrist Leader,

Wirral Liberal Democrat Councillors.