Lidl’s proposal at the Croft.

There is a planning application for a new Lidl store to be built on the corner of Caldbeck Rd and the A41,

APP/16/00936 | Erection of retail unit with car parking and servicing areas, vehicular accesses and associated works following demolition of existing buildings. | STRATTON COURT, THURSBY ROAD, CROFT BUSINESS PARK, BROMBOROUGH, CH62 3PW
Which has currently had 360 comments posted on the planning portal.
I, like many others, welcome a new store for the jobs they bring, the added choice for the consumer, and the competitve prices that can help every shoppers budget in our communities, but there is one concern that needs to be addressed….. Its Location.
In particular the access to the proposed site of the carpark.
The only access into and out of the stores carpark will be via the junction of Thursby Road and Caldbeck Road.  Given the short distance from the lights at the Croft interchange and that it is just past the turning on the left for the Asda and shopping park, any vehicle waiting to turn in could cause the traffic to backup through what is already a very congested crossroads.
I happened to visit the Asda today and witnessed a RTA at that junction with a vehicle coming out of Thursby Road turning left to miss the traffic build up at the A41 crossroads colliding with another vehicle heading towards the crossroads wishing to turn right. (luckily there were no injuries)
Even though the road was blocked and vehicles were backed up to the roundabout at Frankie and Benny’s within minuets some still tried to get around them.
This was midweek at just past 3pm which is not one of the busy times for the park and if this happens at a weekend or the coming bankholliday or even on a friday after five, which is a busy time, not to mention Christmas or Easter, shoppers could be stuck there for hours.
As the line of traffic builds it effectively cuts of egress from the area using the alternative route through to Stadium Way at the first bend of Calbeck Rd only adding to the congestion to cause complete gridlock of the whole area.

Surely it would be better located next to, or opposite, McDonalds which would keep the traffic flows in the same direction and utilising the one way system which, after all was introduced for this very reason.

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