Local Election Statement 2021

Changing Wirral for the better

Wirral needs a plan for recovery, as does our whole nation.

Successive lockdowns have changed the way we all live, work and spend our free time.

The pandemic required all parties to work together and set aside both real and imagined differences.

Liberal Democrats have worked across party divides in the interests of Wirral .   We will continue to do so.

We used our votes to end the Cabinet system that undermined  trust in local decision making.

We have used our votes to return real discussion and decision making to committees that work for you.

 The recent revelations  about Liverpool ‘s system have confirmed our warnings  of the danger of putting too much power in too few hands.

Our Council is now much better placed to debate spending priorities. A new pattern of working has been developed. 

Staff will not need to return to all the offices the Council owns or rents, creating opportunities for redevelopment of those sites.

The Government’s  funding has not met all the costs from the pandemic.  Even so we have kept as many services running as possible, safeguarding valued local facilities.

Councils like ours, serving a borough with high levels of deprivation, still need a fairer funding settlement from the Government.  The funding model that relied on business rates from shops and offices is broken.  We will press the Government to recognise that . 

The pandemic has shown how the Council and the NHS has to work hand in hand to care for the vulnerable and elderly.  Staff in the care sector deserve recognition for all that they have done and will need to do in the future for our ageing population.  We will work to improve standards in the care sector.

We will continue our work to get the basics right, so that the way Wirral looks will improve, tackling  fly tipping, road repairs and neglect wherever possible. The Council can no longer do all that it did in the past. People are volunteering to help keep Wirral tidy and we welcome their contribution.

The hopes and dreams of young people have been set back by this lost year.                      We will build back services for young people that provide counselling, hope and a new resilience for their future.

After years of decline, the groundwork has been done to turn Wirral round.

The all-party approach to regenerate Birkenhead and avoid building on the Green Belt has widespread support. We have long recognised the value of our farmland and countryside.

Developers who challenge the Council’s plan to retain those areas will be strongly resisted.

As the economy recovers, as people return to work, we will plan for more 20 MPH areas so that Wirral’s people will enjoy quieter and safer neighbourhoods   

Eighty years ago, at the height of the Second Word War, those in power laid the foundations of a better future. That approach is needed now to create the recovery.  It is needed to maintain  the community  spirit that has been re-discovered and grown over the past year.