M53 roundabout still in the dark

For several months motorists using the M53 Junction 3 roundabout in the dark have had to cope with no working street lights.

The Oxton Focus Team has been in touch with council officers to find out why this issue has taken so long to fix.

It seems that the supply cable has developed a major fault. In December we were told this would require works across the carriageway of that section of Woodchurch Road, which they wanted to avoid if at all possible.

As the matter is still not resolved, we contacted them again this week and the reply was:
“After checking the Scottish Power stats in greater detail there appears to be a redundant supply cable by the railway bridge on the same side as our feeder pillar. On that basis I entered discussions with Scottish Power to see if this loop could be re-energised and utilised to provide a feed to our pillar and in turn restore operation to the affected lights.”

Clearly there is a major problem getting power to these lights, but motorists just want to know when we can expect the roundabout to be properly lit again.

Allan Brame said, “The Focus Team will continue to pursue this issue. In the meantime, please exercise caution if using that roundabout at night.”