Meet Our Candidate For Bromborough 2021.

After a long and difficult decision Vicky Downie has stood down as our candidate to fight the local election for Bromborough in 2021 due to personal circumstances. We are pleased to say she will remain on the Bromborough team to support our new candidate and to continue her work in the community.

Chase Newton was unanimously voted in place by the candidate board, and has already hit the ground running touring the ward and looking at the issues that is causing concern to  residents. 

Chase said on his facebook page ChaseNewton4Bromborough –

“”I am proud to announce that I will be standing for the Liberal Democrats in 2021 in Bromborough!
I will work hard to bring real change within the area- and a different solution to same old tired politics that we see locally and nationally.
I believe in listening to real people, and working for them to improve their local area, their businesses and their well-being.
I believe in real democracy and in championing diversity, equality and improving the lives of the most vulnerable in society.
Please get in touch with me if you have any issues, problems or concerns
Or even if you want to help me in being elected next year.
I look forward to working for you all in the next year.”