Merseytravel plan to axe bus services

I attended the consultation in Bromborough Civic Center today and talked to many residents regarding the proposed  changes to bus routes here in Eastham and elsewhere.

There was quite a lot of anger at the proposals which will see some buses remove completely and others having their routes extended to cover more ground, making longer journeys and longer waiting times.

This is what it means for us in Eastham,

145/146/286 Eastham Ferry- Birkenhead Service withdrawn

Eastham Ferry will be served by revised 84 which will operate every 2 hours to Clatterbridge

418/419 Will no longer serve Mill Park

Area now served by extended 38 service to/from Bromborough  and Birkenhead

118/119 Services Withdrawn

Mill Park now served by extended 38 service and existing 41a

41/42/42a are unchanged

84 Revised

To operate every 2 hours to Eastham Ferry and every 2 hours to Raby mere

You can  take their online survey here  

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