New Independent MP for Birkenhead

Just weeks after the Birkenhead Labour party asked for the whip to be withdrawn from Frank Field, Birkenhead’s MP has decided to resign the Labour whip and sit as an Independent MP.

Commenting on behalf of Birkenhead Liberal Democrats, Councillor Stuart Kelly said,

Councillor Stuart Kelly

“Frank Field’s reasons for leaving the Labour Party are self-evident. Reports of bullying, intimidation and nastiness are rife on social media and, taken with the drift in the Labour Party to the extreme left and its association with racist and anti-Semitic views, this Corbynite Labour party must cut most moderate Labour members to the bone.

“Mr Field has never been what could be described as left wing and the current Labour party must feel a very alien place – even worse perhaps than the militant 80’s.

“The Liberal Democrats continue to have strong policy disagreements with our new ‘independent’ MP, not least on Mr Field’s continued support for Brexit which we feel will harm many of Birkenhead’s most vulnerable and poorest residents and look forward to continuing to debate these issues with Mr Field.”

Frank Field’s shock news came hot on the heels of another local resignation from Labour. Councillor Mike Sullivan, who represents Pensby & Thingwall, announced his decision to sit as an independent councillor yesterday, citing “bullying and intimidation” by left-wing “parasites”.

Chair of Wirral Liberal Democrats, Councillor Allan Brame, said, “The Labour party is in total disarray. In one week we have seen a Labour councillor and a Labour MP turn their backs on Jeremy Corbyn’s party.

“At a time when the Conservatives are making such a hash of negotiating a Brexit deal, it is unforgivable that the so-called Opposition is more preoccupied with its increasingly unpleasant internal power struggle.”