Our Candidates For Hoylake & Meols ‘May 2018’

Peter Reisdorf


Peter was born on Wirral and grew up in Hoylake.

He has lived in West Kirby since 1991. Peter joined the Liberal Party in 1979.

He served as a Wirral Borough Councillor for eleven years and has been a parliamentary candidate five times.

Outside of politics he has a degree in Computer Studies and has worked in IT since the late 90s.

Prior to that he worked in the insurance industry.

His interests include the environment and motorcycles.

He has particular concerns about threats to the NHS.

Al Clark

Al was born and brought up in Wirral and is a sustainability professional at a University.

He is passionate about making a difference in the local community and wants to support residents in the Hoylake and Meols ward to protect vital public services and ensure there are opportunities for everyone across the towns.

His interests include music, travelling and campaigning to protect the environment.

He will be your local champion.

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