Our politics are realigning

Brexit has opened deep divisions across the country, between families and between the nations of the UK.

The divide runs right through the middle of the Labour and Conservative Parties.

We have been waiting to see which one of them split first, and today we have seen seven Labour MPs resigning from their Party.

Commenting on the news, Councillor Allan Brame (left), Chair of Wirral Liberal Democrats, said, “What is happening on the national stage magnifies what we are seeing locally here on Wirral, where a series of Labour councillors have had enough of the hostile environment inside their party.

“It takes great courage to part company with friends and colleagues you have worked alongside for many years, but the fact is that both the main parties are irretrievably divided.

“The folly of Brexit could lead to the long-overdue realignment in British politics.
“Liberal Democrats on Wirral are ready and willing to talk to anyone who wants to stand up to the increasingly extremist factions that are gaining control on the right and the left.”