Press Release: Single Market Amendment


Three Wirral MPs fail to stand up for single market

The Liberal Democrats have criticised local Labour MPs Frank Field, Angela Eagle and Margaret Greenwood for failing to stand up for jobs in Wirral by refusing to back a crucial amendment to defend Britain’s place in the single market.

An amendment to the Withdrawal Bill tabled by Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake would have left open membership of the single market, but was defeated last night after the Labour leadership ordered their MPs to abstain.

This comes despite Labour claiming earlier this week that their policy is to keep membership of the single market on the table.

Chair of Wirral Liberal Democrats Allan Brame said:

“Three of our four local Labour MPs have shamefully failed to stand up for the jobs in Wirral that depend on our trade with Europe.

“On the biggest issue facing the country in a generation, they chose to sit on their hands instead of standing up for what’s best for our area.

“Labour claim they want to keep open the option of staying in the single market, but then vote against an amendment that would do exactly that.

“This is a betrayal of all the people in Wirral who voted for them hoping they’d limit the damage caused by Brexit. They seem to have forgotten that Wirral voted Remain in last year’s advisory Referendum.

“It’s clear the Liberal Democrats are the only party that is prepared to stand up to the government on Brexit and give people the final say on the deal, with the choice to stay in the EU.”