Solving the Rightway mystery

For the past year the site at the corner of Woodchurch Road and Storeton Road has been fenced off ready for building work which has failed to materialise.

Many local residents have been asking what is going on – and now the Oxton Focus Team has the answer.

The old Rightway store was demolished, along with the brick perimeter wall, over a year ago. Then everything ground to a halt, leaving the site looking a bit of an eyesore. The business has continued to operate from the old store at the rear of the site during this time, though parking is currently more restricted.

Allan Brame said, “The owners have given us a full explanation of the series of setbacks which has delayed work on constructing the new store. They are working hard to overcome the difficulties and it is hoped that the present situation will not drag on too much longer.

“As they say, the delay has been just as frustrating to them as it is to the neighbours and passers-by who have to look at the wire mesh fencing which surrounds the site.”

Allan Brame at the Rightway site on Woodchurch Road

Here is the statement provided by Rightway:

Planning Permission was granted at the end of 2016 for the redevelopment of this site to have a larger purpose-built unit for Rightway Ltd built across the back of the site with better outdoor display space, safer & better access for deliveries and more car parking spaces. However, it was then discovered that there was a United Utilities asset under the proposed new building so the plans had to be amended to take account of this unforeseen issue which caused delays.

Furthermore, when the ‘store’ moved into the back building so we could continue trading whilst the front building was demolished, the contractor went into liquidation, before the new front building was erected.

The site has been tidied up considerably recently but with the results of the latest test holes revealing that the ground at the front of the site is of very poor quality for foundations this has resulted in yet more delays whilst we find a solution.

We are currently working with a local architect and UU in the hope of finding a satisfactory solution to all these challenges and no-one is more eager than us that matters are resolved sooner than later.

Meanwhile we continue to trade from the building at the rear of the site and thank those loyal customers who have braved the building site look to see if we are still open which we are.