Stuart Kelly is the Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Birkenhead.

Stuart has been a Councillor for Oxton since 1997.

He works as an assessor of apprentice electricians.
Previously he has worked as an electrician in the NHS and at Cammell Lairds.

For many years Labour has considered Birkenhead to be a ‘safe’ seat – one likely to return a Labour MP regardless.

Stuart Kelly takes a different view, “People have been taken for granted by the Labour Party in Birkenhead for too long.
People can send a powerful message by rejecting Labour and returning a Liberal Democrat to represent us in Parliament
The Conservatives don’t have a chance of winning here; they have no councillors in Birkenhead.

Stuart Kelly says, “The key question for this election is the danger Brexit poses to the jobs and services of the people of Birkenhead.
There seems no end to this long national nightmare called Brexit, The lies of the leave campaign two years ago have been exposed – there is a real danger to the NHS, the price of food and medicine, and the threat to local jobs; I don’t believe Brexit is worth a single job loss.
My Labour, Tory, Independent, and Brexit Party opponents all offer different forms of Brexit but each in reality are offering a fall in living standards and years more of wrangling as trade deals with the likes of America thrashed out, with right wingers there salivating over the likely sell off of the NHS that will follow.
It’s either another 20 or 30 years of talking all things Brexit, or we can revoke article 50 and start talking about the more pressing issues we face such as Climate Change, Public Health investment and housing, these issues are not being properly addressed.

The Liberal Democrats are recognised as the biggest, and best placed, Party that can end this and move our nation on to tackling these important issues”