Thank you Eastham

This year Labour fought hard against us making us a target ward and throwing everything, including the kitchen sink at us, but the results speak for themselves and I have nearly doubled my majority.  Labour/Co-op ran a heavy campaign getting boots on the ground here from all over the Wirral, offering travel expenses and food to all that came and knocked on doors or delivered leaflets.

So I would like to thank the residents of Eastham for their fantastic support and for re-electing me again as one of their Councillors.

Over the past four years representing the ward and community where I live has been a great honour and a privilege, and being re-elected for another term means that I can carry on with all my outstanding case work, some of which takes days to complete while others have been ongoing for weeks and months.

I look forward to being able to carry on with my weekly Councillor surgery in our Library, meeting with many residents, often followed by lively discussions far too loud for a library.

I am so fortunate to have Dave Mitchell and Phil Gilchrist as ward colleagues and would like to thank them for their extensive knowledge, experience and unstinting support over the last four years.

Thank you all again.