The Opposition’s job is to oppose

Birkenhead’s MP, Frank Field, has come under fire from his Liberal Democrat opponent at the last election, Allan Brame, following his comments that Labour colleagues are “using guerrilla tactics to stop Brexit”.
“I thought Mr Field was a member of the Opposition, but he seems happier supporting the Conservative government in their ever more desperate Brexit negotiations. Perhaps it is time for him to consider whether he is in the right party,” Allan Brame said. “It is ironic that just 14 years ago Frank Field was voting for the expansion of the EU and the right of East Europeans to enter the UK.”
“Mind you, it is not easy trying to work out where Labour actually stands on Brexit or our membership of the Single Market.
“It becomes more obvious by the day that David Davis is not up to dealing with the fiendish complexities of disentangling 43 years of trade agreements, and the economic cost of leaving the EU will be catastrophic. Imagine the impact on Wirral if Vauxhall finds it can no longer sustain the Ellesmere Port plant because of Brexit.
“That is why the Lib Dems are saying the people should be allowed to vote on an exit from Brexit if the final deal is as disastrous as it now looks likely to be.”