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I have started to read the White Paper, you know, the one that was published after the vote in Parliament, which is like going to a restaurant finishing your meal and then the waiter arriving and giving you a menu.

It does not bide well for the paper that I take umbrage at the first page :

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I would like to point out, at this point, that only 26% of the 65m actually voted to leave the EU as the following chart shows. I do believe that even though I am a proud ‘Remoaner’ I do think we should abide by the referendum and leave. However, we have not voted for the destination and considering what has transpired after only six months since the vote occurred we need to take stock as lot has changed.

We now have Trump in the White House whose slogan is ‘America First’ and all that entails for our trading negotiations, the Muslim ban, Mexican Wall etc sowing  seeds of dissention that goes against our British values. No wonder over 1.6m Brits to date have signed the petition to not want him here on a state visit.

I wonder if the vote was taken now what the outcome would be and considering when, or if , article 50 is invoked it will take another two years to proceed, what will the world look like then? and would the vote remain the same?

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A couple of observations from my first glance at the paper,

3.1 We have ensured since the referendum that the devolved administrations are fully engaged in our preparations to leave the EU and we are working with the administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to deliver an outcome that works for the whole of the UK. In seeking such a deal we will look to secure the specific interests of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as those of all parts of England. A good deal will be one that works for all parts of the UK.  

I wonder if the SNP know of this?

7.6 The review will consider how employment rules need to change in order to keep pace with modern business models, such as: the rapid recent growth in self-employment; the shift in business practice from hiring to contracting; the rising use of non-standard contract forms and the emergence of new business models such as on-demand platforms.

This sounds like we are dangerously heading for more zero hours type contracts etc

The White Paper can be found Here

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