They’ve killed it!

Bromborough campaigner VICKY DOWNIE writes about a recent trip to Eastham Country Park

I went for a walk in Eastham Country Park a few weeks ago.

It was shortly after the Council put parking meters in.

The car parks were nearly empty.

I was there with Eastham councillor Phil Gilchrist. We met people setting off on a charity walk. Even so, there were very few cars in the car parks. So where were all the cars parked? They were on the roadsides nearby. 

We met a frequent visitor. His words were: ‘They’ve killed it! Look, where is everyone?’

What a sad waste of a beautiful resource on our doorstep. People campaigned against the car parking charges. The Council paid little heed to them.

The Council says it needs the money to plug some of the gaps in Wirral’s budget. Yes, there are gaps. These stem from a reduction in grants from central government.

But are the Council’s priorities right?

The Council could have saved money by dropping its bi-monthly paper Wirral View. Lib Dem councillors wanted it to be cut. They also wanted the country park charges dropped.

I’d gladly do without the ineffective paper, scrap the parking charges and once again enjoy Wirral’s beauty for free.