“This is yet another bank abandoning its customers


NatWest is leaving customers and small businesses with lengthy journeys and the inconvenience of traveling to the next nearest branch.

“It will make life incredibly difficult for small traders who need to bank at the end of a working day.

NatWest is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland group and is 80% owned by the UK Government.DSCF4493

The Government therefore has a duty to ensure that the bank it owns does not abandon many important towns and leave them without a bank in some cases.

As is the case with pubs, there needs to be some kind of regulation to ensure that companies cannot just withdraw at will.

It’s disappointing that NatWest will now close the branch in Eastham after its decision to close the branch in Bromborough a little while ago. Not everyone is online, and of those who are, many don’t trust online banking.

It is likely that the closure will have a detrimental effect on businesses in the locality, and those who continue to depend on their local branch are effectively abandoned.

The Government needs to be far more pro-active in dealing with this. It’s a travesty that communities such as ours are being left with no banks.

This closure will mean customers will have to go to Ellesmere Port or Port Sunlight, where there is no accessible bus route, for a face-to-face service which remains particularly important to many. In an area with a high aging population it’s simply too far to travel for some.”

NatWest’s suggested banking alternatives, including their notion that much of their personal banking will be able to continue through the local post office is nonsense.

So much emphasis is being placed on the post office, but the regeneration of our post office is still under question and when they decide to close that, which is still a possibility, in the not too distant future – what will we all do then?

As local Councillors we are bitterly disappointed by this decision and have secured an urgent meeting with NatWest’s area CEO  to discuss the closure.

Please sign the online petition we need your support.

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