Village Road Fiasco

Warning notices from British Gas were displayed in Village Road, Oxton

Further work was needed on renewing the gas main. Village Road would have to be dug up again on August 23rd.

But the Council had advised residents that the road was due to be resurfaced, or “dressed”, as they described it, on August 17th. Presumably that work would be delayed a week or two, until British Gas had finished?

Councillor Stuart Kelly contacted the Council to make sure they were aware of the clash. “This is going to look crazy, resurfacing then digging up again within a week,” he wrote to the Council. “Wouldn’t it be better to do it after it’s been dug up?”

Councillor Allan Brame inspects the excavations in the newly-surfaced Village Road

But this is Wirral.

The Council was committed to a contract. We would have to pay for time and materials, whether the work was carried out or not.

So just days after Village Road was “dressed”, it was duly undressed.

“Residents are quite understandably furious at this waste of money,” Councillor Allan Brame said. “We have been assured that British Gas will be responsible for reinstating the excavations and they can be given a further dressing next summer – hopefully paid for by British Gas.”

Perhaps when such work is taken back ‘in house’ by the Council, such nonsense can be avoided.

But we are not holding our breath.