Where Do We Turn Next?

I recently spent a few days at the EU Parliament in Brussels trying to find out how Brexit will be affecting us here in the Wirral, and was not surprised in the least to find that Brussels knows as little about ‘Brexit’ as we do here in the UK.

The only country to have left the EU so far is Greenland who had only one treaty to negotiate (fish) and it took over seven years to complete, whilst here in the UK we have over four hundred agreements to unravel. Each of the twenty eight countries need to agree for anything to be passed, I am beginning to appreciate the forces at work, the pressures from business, the domestic political agendas, and the compromises that have been reached and agreed to over the years. The Purchase of Vauxhalls by the French Group PSA illustrates just how closely interwoven our economies have become and the complexities of the tasks ahead.

Theresa May has let it be known that if the EU does not agree to her terms then she will walk away for a hard Brexit. After spending a few, very long days of intense discussions with MEP’s from several countries, I have to report that I still cannot tell you what a hard Brexit really means…. but what I do know is  that Britain cannot afford the risk of getting it wrong.

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