Why Us ….Again in Wirral South

I am a little confused as to why we have lost our local walk in center in Eastham. The reasons we have been given is that Eastham Clinic does not offer the same services as the others and the three nurses that run it are needed at Arrowe Park to triage at the front door of A&E.

I was told by the CCG that they can not cope in Eastham with the amount of patients presenting and that they are run off their feet. If you take the nurses and put them at ArrowPark and close our center will they not be just as run off their feet at ArrowePark, surely the same amount of patients will just have to travel there instead. ( some by ambulance I imagine adding to that already overburdened service)

There are many medical centers in Wirral that offer the same services as defined as a walk in center.

With regards to less services offered at Eastham, please see the definition chart below from the NHS website.


NHS Walk-in Centres

NHS Walk-in Centres offer fast and convenient access to local NHS advice, information and treatment. You do not need to make an appointment. They do not replace your local GP or hospital services but compliment existing services. Local centres can be found below.

The following services are available to all Wirral residents and can provide treatment for anyone who have the following: Bites / Stings / Scalds / Minor Burns / Cuts / Grazes / Lacerations / Sprains & Strains / Wound Infection / Foreign Bodies / Minor Eye Injuries / Minor Head Injuries / Morning after Pill

This should be your first point of call before attending the A&E department, unless your condition is of a more serious nature, or outside of the opening hours.


Arrowe Park Walk-in-Centre (All Day Health Centre)
Arrowe Park Hospital, Upton, CH49 5PE
0151 514 2222
Monday – Sunday 8am – 10pm
Miriam Medical Centre
31 Laird Street, Birkenhead, CH41 8DB
0151 652 6077
Monday – Thursday 10am – 8pm (last appointment 7:30pm)
Friday 10am – 6.30pm (last appointment 6:00pm)
Saturday – Sunday & Bank Holidays 10am – 5pm (last appointment 4:30pm)
Parkfield Medical Centre
Sefton Road, New Ferry, CH62 5HS
0151 644 6665
Monday – Thursday 2pm – 8pm (last appointment 7:30pm)
Friday 2pm – 6pm (last appointment 5:30pm)
Victoria Central, Wallasey
VCH, Mill Lane, Wallasey, CH44 5UF
Monday – Sunday 8am – 10pm
Eastham Walk-in Centre
Eastham Rake, Eastham, CH62 9AN
Monday – Friday 2pm – 10pm
Weekends & Bank Holidays 9am – 5pm
Moreton Health Clinic
14 Chadwick Street, Moreton Wirral, CH46 7XA
0151 502 0099
Monday & Tuesday 10am – 7pm (last appointment 6:30pm)
Wednesday & Thursday 10am – 8pm (last appointment 7:30pm)
Friday 10am – 6pm (last appointment 5:30pm)

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