Wirral Growth Company

Regular readers [to Eastham Focus] know just how much we enjoy digging round to get our hands on information.
We’ve now found out that our Council has entered a contract to carry on with Wirral View for yet another year. Each edition is to cost £8000 to print and distributing it will cost £11,500. It’s money from your Council Tax.
Is it really well spent? Are the articles really that much use?

In June’s Wirralview the Leader of the Council wrote about the opportunities for developers to come here… ‘they are realising these are exciting times to explore Wirral’. The Council said it would create the Wirral Growth Company. ’My priority is to see spades in the ground in the new year’, wrote the Leader.
The July/August edition had another article about the growth company …’We’re creating a place people want to live and invest in — have you seen our £1 billion blueprint for the future yet…’
The August/September issue had a brief reference to the process being used to find a private sector partner for the joint venture… ’and hopes to have concluded this search by early 2018’.
The project did not feature in the September/ October edition.
It received a passing mention in the ‘Leader’s column ‘ in the October/November edition.
…’.in Wirral we’ve seen continued increase in our employment rate, made more progress on the creation of the Wirral Growth Company and the plans for £1billion of development opportunities to start next year’.
As the saying goes ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.
Phil asked about the progress in selecting a private sector partner at October’s Council meeting. The shortlist has been narrowed down to three. The Echo regularly carries promising news stories about turning the decline of Birkenhead round.
The Borough needs the income to help maintain services.
The plans have to be grounded in reality.

Councillor Phil Gilchrist,
Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group