Wirral Lib Dems on Final Say March


European citizens marching for an end to divisive and destructive politics.

Even before we arrived at the Lib Dem meeting point for the #People’s Vote March on Saturday morning we were glad we’d made the effort. Green Park station was a sea of blue and yellow as marchers poured off the Tube.

We then joined the Lib Dem contingent of and were ‘parked’ as we waited to join the full March coming from up the road.

Finally we saw it – a momentous sight – a slow-moving enormous tide of flags, banners, placards, and noise. On that subject we hadn’t heard a ‘Mexican sound wave’ before; it certainly lifts the spirits as does being with an estimated one million fellow Remainers carrying placards that went from witty to profane to hilarious.

The atmosphere was something I won’t forget – and being there sure beats shouting at the televisions and going slightly insane every time a Leaver repeats the phrase ‘Let’s get Brexit done’, propaganda that’s very seductive to a Brexit-weary population.