Wirral South Constituency Committee

Wirral Borough Council’s constituency committee that covers Wirral South met on Wednesday night and was well attended by residents.

There was a full agenda but the main issue that residents wanted to discuss was the closure of the walk in center in Eastham.

Councillors from all parties and all five electoral wards in Wirral South were present and the committee meeting was chaired by Cllr Chris Carubia.

The councillors discussed the removal of service from Eastham’s Walk in centre, still described as a temporary closure and the committee were very clear that the loss of service affects not just Eastham but the wider community including areas of Cheshire to our south.

The committee then called on Wirral’s Clinical Commissioning Group to re-instate Eastham Clinic’s Walk In service ‘without further delay’. as Members unanimously supported the following resolution put forward by Cllr Phil Gilchrist…

This committee

  1. Condemns the closure of the valued local facility at Eastham Walk In centre
  2. Objects to the way in which the ‘temporary’ closure was brought about with inadequate consultation and limited notice
  3. Wishes to highlight the resultant distress and inconvenience caused to residents in the communities of southern Wirral who face reduced transport links to the services at Arrowe Park
  4. Calls upon the Clinical Commissioning Group to re-instate this local service without further delay
  5. Requests the Constituency Manager to convey this resolution to officers of the  Clinical Commissioning Group.

Phil and Chris attended the recent Annual General Meeting of the CCG where Phil submitted this question…

What work is being done to study the impact of the temporary closure of Eastham’s Walk In Centre,

the impact on patients and the pressures increased on the other local services such as GPs?

How temporary is this temporary closure and when can the usual services be restored?

 The public present at that meeting  were told that there was a dialogue with local surgeries, and no date for the re-opening of Eastham’s Walk In Centre was offered.

We were told that much depended on whether the performance of A & E at Arrowe Park improves and continues to reduce numbers.

Chris commented that ‘as we are now entering into the winter period the numbers will only go up rendering any reduction seen at A&E to date unsustainable.

This means we will be without this facility throughout the winter period which is totally unacceptable ‘

This continued concern led to Phil putting the resolution reported above and I am pleased to report that it was carried by all councillors present and from all political parties representing residents in southern Wirral.