Wirral View axed

The Council’s ill-fated newspaper, Wirral View, is finally being scrapped. The October edition will be the last.

Introduced controversially by the last Labour administration, it has cost Wirral residents over £400,000, losing more money with every edition.

Liberal Democrat and Conservative councillors criticised the decision to squander this money, especially at the same time as vital services were being cut back.

Oxton councillor Allan Brame said, “People could not understand why Labour ploughed on with this project while protesting that Government funding cuts prevented them from providing basic services.”

To make matters worse, the Council struggled to find a reliable delivery method, so many residents seldom received a copy of Wirral View and piles of unread copies cluttered up our libraries.

It was said that half the people did not receive the paper, while the other half didn’t want it.

Everything changes with the local elections this May, when Labour lost overall control of the Council.

Lib Dem, Green and Independent councillors joined with the Conservatives in demanding an end to the publication. The Labour group was defeated and the Cabinet has accepted the changed political reality by calling time on Wirral View.